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PAST AND PRESENT   music story so far....

Born; 16 december 1961 
Listening to BeeGees and Beatles songs
She Loves You  and   I Started A Joke .. amazing  !!!


Guitar and vocal lessons
Writing  1st song ; I sing just my song.
You Should Be Dancing !!


First band; The Rising Sun
More bands; They Say, Made in Holland
Writing songs
Winner Veronica’s new talent Radio Award
Still Dancing !!


Studio Project; Idea
Writing songs and performing songs as a singer/songwriter


Studio Project; The Perfect Sphere
Writing more songs than ever before
Recording songs
Release dvd/cd single Someone Like You
Release Chinese Tea Song (dance radio edit and Feel so good mix) download rlease.

Inspiration/favorite albums           Odessa / Main Course / Living Eyes... BeeGees
                                                                       Guilty/Barbra Streisand
                                                                         Abbey Road/Beatles
                                                                     Reach The beach/The Fixx
                                                          Christopher Cross/Christopher Cross
                                                                         Heads Or Tales/Saga      
                                                                  Long Road Out Of Eden/Eagles
                                                                      The Nightfly/Donald fagen
                                                                     The Visit/Loreena Mc kennitt          
                                                                      Thriller/Michael Jackson
                                                                   Saturday Night Fever/BeeGees
                                                                             Arrival / Abba
                                                                      Faces / Earth Wind And Fire
                                                                         Rumours / Fleetwood Mac

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